Helping to bring health, happiness & longevity to cared-for individuals

Helping to bring health, happiness & longevity to cared-for individuals

About Karantis360

In this age of global family dispersion, old age can be confusing, lonely and depressing… at the same time, providing care for the elderly is increasingly time-pressured and burdened by administration… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Helen Dempster, founder of Karantis360 Ltd, has direct experience of how obtaining care for a loved one can go wrong. Helen spent several years caring for members of her family; one, in particular, who suffered from dementia. She explains: “I struggled with the care system; we simply didn’t seem to be able to achieve the level of personal involvement and care I feel everyone in later life should expect and deserve. The experience was frustrating, upsetting and an eye-opening insight into the failings of the current care system. So I decided I’d create something to help make things better”.

Transparency and accountability… monitoring clients, sharing information and keeping in touch with family members… is one of the most challenging issues in elderly care today. But in this age of mobile devices and constant connectivity, why does it seem so difficult when it should be easy? That’s where the new Karantis360 mobile applications and our IOT sensors can help: they’re specifically designed and developed by carers to make sure clients are supported and cared for, that they can stay in their homes, or return safely from hospital, and that their families are part of the process too.

The company’s first product, KarantisCare™, was launched in December 2017, with Karantis360 – developed in partnership with IBM – following-on quickly in June 2018.

Karantis360 solutions unite your agency, your care givers, your clients and their families…

It’s our aim to help you provide the best possible emotional and cognitive care, especially for your clients with ADLD (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Loneliness and Depression) or those returning from hospital stays.

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Discover KarantisCare™

KarantisCare™ is stand-alone care management application which helps you and your carers manage and prioritise personal care visits via familiar, intuitive mobile devices.

KarantisCare™ can be used in conjunction with Karantis360 to provide one complete solution for care management.

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