Designed to help you deliver a better quality of care

Designed to help you deliver a better quality of care

How it Works

A simple, 4-step process

Integrating Karantis360 into your care programmes is a straight-forward process, with four simple stages:

1. Devising the right solution

  • Our installer helps you ask the right questions and identifies the right mix of sensors for each care client and where they should be placed
  • The results are reviewed and approved by your staff, so you can be sure it’s the best solution for your client

2. Installation & set-up

  • Each sensor is scanned into the system and registered to the client
  • The sensors are tested to make sure data is being collected and sent
  • The gateway is configured to only receive signals from sensors in the client’s home

3. Building-up a picture of your client

  • Information is gathered, transmitted and displayed to you, your carers and family members via a web dashboard
  • The system learns continuously; it builds-up an initial ‘picture’ over the first month, which is used as the basis to create alerts of any abnormal situations

4. Review and implementation with alerting

  • Once the initial data set has been captured, it is reviewed by you and your carers
  • You and your carers confirm and set each client’s individual Care Alert Boundaries and actions: when to make a call, prioritise a visit or make an emergency visit
  • These alerts and actions can be updated over time, to take account of changes in your clients’ circumstances

Using machine learning and automatic data communication, Karantis360 flags exceptions to routines and habits, such as whether your client has got out of bed, boiled the kettle, and so on. By analysing activity data and comparing it to expected patterns, the system identifies when your client’s activity is out-of-the-ordinary and sends you an immediate alert, so you can respond quickly and effectively to any potential emergency.

You are in control at every stage of the process, because you and your staff are best placed to understand your clients’ needs and wishes.

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Sensors available:


monitors as and when movement is registered

Humidity & Temperature:

identifies as and when there is a change


senses as and when movement is recognised

Pressure sensor (chair):

records and reports as and when a chair is used


records and reports when a door is used

Find out more!

Download your copy of our Karantis360 brochure here

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