Home Monitoring Solution to Help Keep Older Adults and the Vulnerable Safe

Home Monitoring Solution to Help Keep Older Adults and the Vulnerable Safe

Karantis360 uses advanced technologies to keep a watchful eye on the daily activities of at risk older adults and vulnerable people being cared for in their own homes. Running on the IBM Cloud, the solution uses AI and advanced analytics in conjunction with a network of smart sensors to identify and learn an individual’s typical behaviour. Through a mobile app, Karantis360 provides reassurance to caregivers and family members by delivering a complete picture of the wellbeing of the person in care.  Any changes in normal daily routine – which could point to a potential problem – can be indicated via automated alerts alerts sent to the care provider and family members.

In the current pandemic there is an increased urgency to ensure that older adults and vulnerable individuals who are impacted by social isolation can be monitored for indicators of risks to their continued health. It is also important to enable at-risk older adults and vulnerable patients to stay safely in their own homes or assisted living facilities. This not only helps to free up much needed hospital beds, but also drastically reduces the risk of cross-infection.

The Karantis360 solution has already been installed by numerous public-sector and private care providers in the UK, including York City Council and Consultus Care & Nursing. In Italy, care provider Sole Cooperativa is using the solution to monitor the health of individuals living within one of its social living facilities.

Karantis360 is part of the IBM public cloud ecosystem, a new initiative to help clients create, modernize and transform mission-critical workloads on the IBM public cloud. The IBM public cloud offers the industry’s most open and secure public cloud for business.

NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Private Care Providers have access to numerous flexible funding options which are available via our Leasing partners.

Roy Grant

Head of ICT & Digital Services, City of York Council

“Our ability to help reduce some of the impacts of social isolation and to help & support our social care colleagues in these challenging times through our work with Karantis 360 is one of the silver linings that has emerged over the recent weeks, and will help us face the challenge of a significant rise in the discharge process over the coming weeks and months” .

Home Monitoring Solution Packages

We offer a wide range of both configuration and payment options, including monthly payment plans or financing for larger scale roll-outs.

Whatever your need, there is a plan to suit – please get in touch to discuss with us via info@karantis360.com

Roberta Massi

Presidente, Sole Cooperativa

“it is extremely reassuring to have access to data which indicates the wellbeing of those in our care.  I am therefore very happy to have a partnership in place with Karantis360, especially during this emergency situation, when it is crucial that we keep our eye on the activities of daily living (ADL) of individuals who live alone”.

Nic Palmarini

Director, National Innovation Centre for Ageing

“Today there are tremendous personal, social, but also financial incentives to keep people in their own homes. Evidence-based data, research and intelligence are more necessary than ever to support the strategic concept of ageing-in-place. Technologies like the one proposed by Karantis360 can help make our homes capable of a dialogue based on data, supporting a more transparent relationship between the different stakeholders across the care ecosystem. They also help increase safety and reduce the cost of care for end users, their families and care providers”.

Peter Burbidge

Managing Director, Pressac Communications

“Pressac are delighted to support Karantis360 with our hardware development and production expertise. This combination of all party’s smart technology not only reduces pressure on the NHS by keeping people out of hospital today, at this critical time, but supports vulnerable people in their own homes or assisted living facilities in the future – it’s a potential lifesaver.”

Lucy Abbott

Consultant Geriatrician

“in unprecedented times of enforced social isolation, the Karantis360 solution helps people to live more safely at home and provides reassurance for carers and family members”.

Professor Nigel Holt

Head of Department (Psychology), University of Aberystwyth

“I’m extremely excited how technology is being used to support the more vulnerable in our society. It’s not just about monitoring – data is the key to successful care and provides a scaffold for families who will be reassured by their knowledge of their loved one’s welfare.”  


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