Transforming care through smart technology

Transforming care through smart technology

Are you struggling to make your care giving more efficient, but more personal at the same time too?

Would you like to create better working conditions for your staff and involve families more?

Does it sometimes feel like you’re swimming against the tide, drowning in paperwork and still not managing to give your clients the life and care they deserve?

In the UK there are 10.8m people over 68, 97% of whom would like to stay in their own homes (research by One Poll).

Karantis360 makes independent home living possible, and possible for longer.

Karantis360 is a totally new development in assisted living, designed to help you transform delivery of care for your elderly or infirm clients and those living with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia.

Allows clients to stay in their own home… promotes safe independent living, leading to happier and healthier cared-for individuals.

Enables you to deliver a higher quality of care… provides immediate information, plus client facts, so your carers can react quickly and appropriately, every time.

Improves transparency and accountability… keeps you, your staff and family members fully informed, addressing one of the key issues in elderly care today.

Reduces your costs… maximises prioritisation and deployment of carers; improves management processing; saves you time and money.

Frees your time for caring… reduces the admin burden, thus freeing up time for you and your staff to put the personal caring back into care provision.

And if you’re in the NHS or a provider of hospital services… you’ll be able to free-up beds earlier, with the assurance that patients can be monitored at home, reducing costs and helping you meeting waiting time and other KPIs.

Karantis360 is designed to benefit everyone involved: healthcare professionals, hospitals, care providers, families and most importantly, the individuals you’re caring for.

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Developed in partnership with IBM

It has been a privilege to develop Karantis360 in close collaboration with IBM and EnOcean GmbH, the global leader in battery-less activity sensors.

This partnership means the knowledge, capabilities and support underpinning Karantis360 are second-to-none:

  • Karantis expertise in elderly care, personal monitoring and alert handling
  • Self-powered movement, door, pressure, humidity and water sensors from EnOcean
  • EnOcean and Karantis360 are at the forefront of sensor development within Healthcare
  • Secure IBM Cloud hosting, with smart artificial intelligence technologies

They all combine to give you a system which delivers genuinely smarter care with complete confidentiality and data security… a system you, your clients and their families can rely on and trust.

Discover how Karantis360 could help transform your care giving and make it possible for your clients to live safely, for longer, in their own homes...

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